CRJ 320 Week 11 Exam

CRJ 320 Week 11 Exam
  1. At least seven countries have been designated as sponsors of terrorism, which fund, organize, and network formal terrorist groups. Which FBI category does this fit into?

  2. The FBI considers ____ to be one of the most prolific domestic terrorist organizations.

  3. GREAT is a program created to:

  4. Gang member types include all but which of the following?

  5. In the United States, the annual cost of graffiti is estimated to be between:

  6. All but which one of the following are advantages of open-air drug markets for both buyers and sellers?

  7. In the organization structure of the Italian mafia, "El Capo" means:

  8. A federal initiative that provides additional resources to areas most in need of help to reduce or eliminate drug trafficking and which is now located in 43 states is the:

  9. "Any group having some manner of formalized structure" that "seeks to obtain money illegally" is the definition of:

  10. The USA Patriot Act also allowed authorities to conduct searches if there was/were ___________ to believe" someone posed a national security threat.

  11. Which of the following is not a means available to police for dealing with terrorist organizations?

  12. The five major functions of the Incident Command System include which one of the following?

  13. Which one of the following is not a way that the FBI has succeeded in putting away two generations of godfathers on racketeering charges?

  14. In September 2006, after several months of debate concerning the illegal immigration issue, Congress:

  15. A comprehensive approach by police to the problem of underage drinking would include:

  16. The United States incarceration rate of juveniles is second only to that of:

  17. EPIC is led by:

  18. Two key components of bullying are:

  19. Border drones or UAVs are used to:

  20. What is the one unique problem that exists with hate crimes?

  21. The CBP air fleet consists of:

  22. Perhaps the best known comprehensive program for addressing youth gun problems is:

  23. Major causes of homelessness include all but which one of the following:

  24. Police responses to the problem of disorderly youth in public places include:

  25. Roving Mexican gangstersknown as _________, often operate in groups of five and cross the border to commit crimes, and then retreat south.

  26. The system used by some police agencies for traffic crash investigation includes all but which one of the following components?

  27. Some police agencies have begun using ________________ to determine such details as vehicle location and damage, elevation, radii of curves, and critical speed.

  28. Augmented reality, one of the most powerful emerging technologies, consists of all but which of the following:

  29. To keep tabs on sex offenders, a Web-based application has been developed that:

  30. GangNet is a California-based, intranet-linked software package linked to nine other sites throughout the state containing information about:

  31. Crime scenes can now be seen more accurately through the use of:

  32. CAD is an acronym for a __________________ system.

  33. New license-plate-reading technology:

  34. The Department of Homeland Security has completed installation of next-generation biometric entry capabilities at land border ports to accomplish which one of the following?

  35. Gunshot location technology is now being tested for use with:

  36. With respect to the TASER, Amnesty International argues that:

  37. Community policing has expanded its horizons with the police use of __________, by which officers can send out messages to a large segment of the population.

  38. Most police organizations have remained:

  39. The American Bar Association says that the practice of federalization could do all but which one of the following:

  40. PFI stands for:

  41. In "The Future Policeman," James Q. Wilson identified all but which one of the following as a type of change that police undergo?

  42. Which of the following did not contribute to the declining rate of violent and property crime victimization from 1992-2005?

  43. Which one of the following is not a goal of PFI?

  44. Which one of the following is not a consideration that police chiefs should take into account so as to provide for the ongoing supply of talent needed to meet organizational needs?

  45. Some police futurists believe that some of our ___________ will be displaced as the use of information technology increases.

  46. About ________ violent crimes involve alcohol, and ____ of convicted jail inmates were under the influence of drugs or alcohol at the time of the offense.

  47. A possible reason for the recent decline in crime includes that:

  48. Which one of the following is not a major contributing factor to violent crime?

  49. An estimated __________ guns are legally owned in the United States.

  50. In regards to the practice of federalization, the American Bar Association says that:

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