ITC 3450 Unit 2 Assessment

ITC 3450 Unit 2 Assessment

All "Fast Ethernet" implementations:

The topology of a Bluetooth network is called __________.

Broad-band LAN technology divides the available bandwidth of the cable system into multiple channels using a technique called __________.

The condition known as __________ occurs when an out of control Ethernet transmitter generates frames longer than 1526 bytes.

The large circumference of a FDDI ring is __________ for double ring.

The minimum and maximum of an Ethernet frame (including preamble and SFD) are __________, respectively.

Whenever a Gigabit Ethernet adapter transmits a frame less than 512 Bytes, the carrier extension mechanism:

Ethernet exhibits poor performance when its utilization:

An understanding of the Ethernet frame format is useful for:

FDDI-II (hybrid ring control) supports voice, video, and other multimedia applications through the addition of __________ to the original packet- switching technique.

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